Mouse Anti-CD20 (Biotin)

This product is a full-length biotinylated Mouse IgG2a recombinant antibody specific to Human CD20. It was produced in Nicotiana benthamiana plants via Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated infiltration.

100 µg      |     Catalogue Number: CBT_A0029[B]

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CD20 is a cell surface protein expressed predominantly on B cells, playing a crucial role in their development, activation, and differentiation. It is involved in regulating B cell signaling and is implicated in B cell-mediated immune responses. CD20 is an appealing target for research due to its selective expression on B cells, making it a potential therapeutic target for B cell malignancies and autoimmune disorders.

Our PtX™ Mouse Anti-CD20 (1F5) (Biotin) antibody enables researchers to investigate the distribution, activation, and maturation of B cells in different physiological and pathological contexts. The biotin labelling of this antibody ensures strong and stable interaction with avidin or streptavidin. This antibody is rigorously validated to ensure high specificity, sensitivity, and reproducibility, and is suitable for use in ELISA.  PtX™ Mouse Anti-CD20 (Biotin) is an ideal tool for investigating the role of CD20 in disease pathogenesis and for developing novel therapeutic strategies targeting this protein.

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Key Benefits

This product is a recombinant monoclonal antibody that offers several benefits including the following:

  • Enhanced signal intensity and sensitivity
  • Reduced background noise
  • Compatibility with multiple species and antibody isotypes
  • Minimized steric hindrance
  • Batch-to-batch consistency.
  • No animals or animal products are used in the development of this protein.
  • BSA and Azide free.

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Product Name PtX™ Mouse Anti-CD20 (1F5) (Biotin) Recombinant Antibody
Catalogue Number CBT_A0029[B]
Expression Host Nicotiana benthamiana plants
Clonality Monoclonal, recombinant
Species and Isotype Mouse IgG2a
Tag Biotin
Reporter Protein None
Description This product is a full-length Mouse IgG2a recombinant antibody specific to CD20 protein. It was produced in Nicotiana benthamiana plants via Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated infiltration.
Target Name CD20 protein
Verified Applications ELISA
Dilution Range ELISA (1: 1 000 – 1: 5 000)
Tested Species Reactivity     Human
Concentration                   1 mg/ml
Form Liquid
Colour Clear
Preparation Ready to use
Storage Short term (up to one week): 2 – 8 °C

Long term: Aliquot and store at – 20 °C

Store immediately. Aliquot and avoid multiple freeze thaw cycles.

Storage Buffer 0.1M Phosphate Buffered Saline, pH 7.4
Purification Notes This product was purified using Protein A- affinity chromatography.
Purity ≥ 95 % as determined by SDS-PAGE
General Notes If for any reason the product does not perform as specified, please contact our scientific support team for assistance by emailing

For Research Use only, unless otherwise indicated.


Figure 1. ELISA Dose Response curve: using PtX™ Mouse Anti-CD20 (Biotin) Antibody from 64.0– 0.0156 ng/uL to detect 50 ng Human CD20-His-Avi Tag antigen. Experiments were performed in triplicate, with error bars representing standard deviation (SD).


PtX™ | Plant-Based Expression

The biotechnology behind the development and manufacture of this product, transient plant-based expression, effectively turns Nicotiana benthamiana plants into single-use, biodegradable bioreactors. Infiltrating this plant species with Agrobacterium tumefaciens cells, transformed with our proprietary plant expression vectors, allows rapid production of a wide variety of recombinant proteins. Plants are harvested and proteins extracted by various stages of filtration, clarification, purification, and polishing – resulting in a highly functional final product.

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  • For Research Use Only.
  • Not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.
  • Not for resale without express authorization.
  • Trademark.

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